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Jackson 1st Annual Adult Prom


Come join us November 2, 2019 for a night of laughing, dancing, and fun.  Jackson's newest productions company is bringing positive events and socials to the Jackson's communities.  The Adult Prom will only get better and better each year. This year's theme is "Winter."  We are aiming for high ticket sales so that ASP can produce an extraordinary themed event.  Next year's 2020 Adult Prom theme, we're aiming for "Once Upon a Time" theme.  We are very excited for both.

If interested in being a vendor at Adult Prom please contact us [email protected] $35 vendor fee.


We are also selling early bird tickets to the KIngs and Queens Ball (African Masquerade theme).  This will be a more upscale formal event.  Inviting Jackson's businesses, officials, and residents.  The early bird tickets starts off $65 (save $20).  VIP does not have early bird tickets at the moment.

A Slay Productions will donate $5-100 of each ticket sale to the #JXNRebuild.

Early bird tickets buy option is below

Shepard's Park Festival

ASP is raising money to host a festival at Shepard Park for the surrounding communities.  20% of the sales will go towards the Jackson Rebuild. Which includes but not limited to; cleaning, painting, and repairing the Washington Addition.  West Jackson is one of the first areas ASP would like to focus on. If one part of Jackson degrades so does the rest of Jackson.   A Slay Productions would love to hear and work with other local organizations with the same compassion and drive to rebuild the city.  ASP is aiming to raise money to invest towards the mental health, well being, safety, and education for the Jackson and surrounding areas locals.  Uplifting and giving back to the community in a way to not only to uplift the housing in the area but also the people physically, mentally and spiritually.

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There is no gift too small

Click below to donate to the #JXNRebuild and Events for Prevents.  

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