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A Slay Productions LLC is a proud sponsor of the Jackson Rebuild.  Saving, investing, and executing different community involved events and renovations.  ASP hosts themed fun events to raise money to put back towards the city of Jackson neighborhoods and local residents.  The goal is to lessen crime by adding more positive events in the area not only for children but for adults too.  ASP is also working on future classes and programs to bring to the city of Jackson.  Most programs offered will be free or economically priced.  All sponsorships, donations, and volunteers are welcomed.

We will be bringing a wide range of events to Jackson that will need community involvement.  Events will includes Galas, festivals, block parties, parades, sip and paints, just for ladies, themed parties, and much more.  The city of Jackson must work and stand together and decide on change.  The events will also consists of giveaways and raffles.  Community participation will help us reach our goal not only for better housing or equity but also for a better state of mind.  "Events for Prevents" is the #JXNRebuild slogan.  If we stand together, learn to stand WITH one another, we will rise with each other.  Plus we will have fun doing it.

A Slay Productions will donate a percentage from each eligible event to go towards the program.  ASP will also sell merchandise to raise money for the Jackson Rebuild.  Adult T-Shirts are $18 and children's shirts are $15.  $5 from each shirt purchase will go towards the Jackson Rebuild fund.  More merchandise will be available at a future date.  If you would like to sponsor any products or to be a volunteer please email Adrienne Stuckey at [email protected]  There is no donation too small.


Pease continue to visit our site for weekly updates and events.  If your church, business, or organization would like to be apart of the Jackson Rebuild please email [email protected]

Also interested to hear from small businesses and volunteers in the area.